Bronx Hub

Bronx, New York City, NY, 2000-01

This project - part of a broader study - focuses on the literal "hub", the intersection of three major streets that forms the heart of the district. Well-serviced by bus, subway, and road connections, the hub is the site of both maximum traffic and architectural density. In configuration, it resembles a miniature Times Square, a spatial "bow-tie" created by the geometry of the street intersections.

Taking a cue from this, we have proposed a visual intensification of the power and identity of this center via the construction of a sinewy media billboard to mark and enclose the Hub and to create a gateway. The intent is to create both an increased sense of legibility and excitement and to make a space of gathering for a variety of public occasions. Not the least of these is waiting for a bus or transfering to or from the subway. Accordingly, this plan adds a new subway entrance, reorganizes bus circulation, and transforms Roberto Clemente Plaza into a focal point for the surrounding community.