2012 Xi'an Airport Office Building   Xi'an, China   Masterplan
2012   Xi'an, China   Masterplan
2012 Xi'an Housing   Xi'an, China   Masterplan
2012   Ankang, Shaanxi, China   Masterplan
2012       Mixed-Use Redevelopment
2010 Xiqing District Housing Design,   Tianjin, China   Masterplan
2009 Boshuo Park Project Of Hebei Polytechnic University   Thangshan, China   Masterplan
2008 A Seven Star Hotel and Clubhouse   Tianjin, China   Masterplan
2008 Bodrum Houses   Bodrum, Turkey   Masterplan
2007 Shanghai Main Station District Masterplan   Shanghai, China   Scratch
2006   Coorg, India   Dwellings
2005 The Oasis/ A Sustainable Resort   UAE, Abu Dhabi   Masterplan
2005 Chungcheong New City,
Waterfront Park Office
  Chungcheong, South Korea   Scratch/ Competition
2005 Sunrise Village, 70 Unit Housing Development   Charlottesville, VA    
2004 Brecht Forum   New York NY   Interior Design
2004 Chang Kai-Shek International Airport Treminal Development   Tapei, Taiwan   Plan
2003 Fenquin Mountain Railway Station, Alishan Tourist Route, Taiwan   Taiwain   Proposal for New Station and Park
2003 WTO Headquarters, Geneva   Geneva, Switserland    
2001 Arverne, NY   Masterplan
1999 Houses of the Future   Somewhere in the USA   Theoretical Project
1999 Somewhere in the USA   Theoretical Project
1998 Euromania, New Commercial Center   Bucharest,Romania   Plan
1996-1998 Friedrichshof Commune   Burgenland, Austria    
1996 Eisenstadt, Austria   Competition
1995 Williamsburg Town Center   Williamsburg, VA   Competition
1995 Wagga Wagga   New South Wales, Australia   Competition , Honorable Mention
1995 Turtle Portable Puppet, 200 Seat Theatre       Plan
1995 Shoehaus, 70U nits of Public Housing   Vienna, Austria   Plan
1994 Shrooms   New York, NY   Proposal for Loft Building
1994 Mondo Condo   Miami, FL   Project for 600 Housing Units
1994 Souks of Beirut   Beirut, Lebanon   Competition
1993 Herd Houses   Friedrichshof, Austria   Dwelling
1991-1993 Church Street Building   New York, NY   Proposal for a Loft Building
1993 Atlanta City Center   Atlanta, GA   Proposal
1992   Tokyo, Japan   Tower
1991 Rancho Mirage   Palm Springs, Ca   Competition
1990 Tracked Houses, Housing for the Homeless, West Side Rail Yards   New York, NY   Proposal
1989-1991 Animal Houses: Beached Houses: Slug, Carp & Ray   Jaimaica, NY   Project for Seven Houses
1989 Animal Houses: Dog: Two Loft Buildings   Site Unknown   Project for a Loft Building
1989 Animal Houses: Frog & Aardvark   Site Unknown   Theoretical Project
1989   Hamburg, Germany    
1988 West Hollywood Civic Center   Los Angeles, CA   Competition
1987   Times Square, NY    
1986 Atlanta Civic Center   Atlanta, GA   Competition
1986 Opera de la Bastille   Paris, France   Competition
1986   Chandler, AZ    
1976 Handcrafters Gallery   Bar Harbor, Maine