Twenty Minutes in Manhattan

By Michael Sorkin

Published byVerso Books, 2009

ISBN-10: 0415953685
  Indefensible Space: The Architecture of the National Insecurity State

By Michael Sorkin
Published by Routledge, October 2007

ISBN-10: 0415953685
Indefensible Space explores the increasing envelopment of public space and life by an architecture of security/paranoia. From the most literal level, barriers in front of buildings, to more abstract levels, enhanced surveillance of public spaces.    
  Analyzing Ambasz

By Michael Sorkin (editor), Jerrilynn Dodds, Peter Hall, Catherine Ingraham, Dean MacCannell, Felicity D. Scott, Lauren Sedofsky, Anthony Vidler, James Wines and Lebbeus Woods.
Published by Monacelli Press, June 2004

ISBN: 1580931359
Published by Verso, January 1999